Hi, I'm Chris D'Cruz.

You might have heard of a little film called "The Secret" that was first released back in March 2006.

You might even have bought the book that was based on the film.

You fell in love with the very concept of having the ability to turn your dreams into reality, simply by tapping into The Secret.

You've thought good thoughts.

You've adopted a positive attitude.

You've channeled all your positive energy into manifesting great things into your life.

You believed in your heart of hearts that you deserve all the great things you're trying to will into existence, so the universe should serve them to you on a silver platter.

That's the question that Lindsey asked herself 3 years ago after first discovering The Secret.

You see, Lindsey was a single mother.

Her husband had died in a tragic accident just months after their daughter was born...

She had to work two jobs just to put food on the table for herself and her daughter.

She worked herself to the bone, and yet she barely made enough to provide for her family.

She had no choice but to live paycheck to paycheck, having just enough money to pay the rent for her small apartment, with probably less than 5 dollars every month for savings or luxuries...

And bless her heart, she would - more often than not - spend what remained of her money every month on making her daughter happy.

Then, through the grace of friends, she discovered The Secret.

She watched the film. She bought the book. She tried her damnedest best to make The Secret work for her.

Yet, a year after her first encounter with The Secret, she was still in that small, crummy apartment.

She was no longer living paycheck to paycheck... because now she was behind on her payments.

She was in danger of being evicted.

Imagine, a single mother and her 2 year old daughter, out on the streets!

Thankfully it didn't get that bad.

Because she discovered...

And the truth is... this "Law of Attraction" thing is NOT as easy as it sounds.

Does it work? Of course it does; I'm living proof of it... along with so many others you've probably seen or read about in the papers, on the internet, on television...

But while I can tell you that it definitely works, I can also tell you that it took me years to master.

Here's the thing about The Secret...

It's nothing new.

In fact, its roots stretch as far back as the 18th century.

The age-old philosophy that The Secret is based on was known back in the day as "New Thought".

It wasn't until the first decades of the 20th century that the "New Thought" movement came into prominence, thanks to the likes of Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, and William Walker Atkinson.

The works of these prominent authors - and the works of many others like them - served as the very foundation of The Secret.

But that's the problem with The Secret; it's just the foundation.

It's merely a primer for those interested in tapping into the Law of Attraction.

You need to build upon that foundation; you need to see the bigger picture in order for you to fully tap into the incredible power of manifestation.

Now, as I've said earlier, it took me years to build upon the foundation I was provided with.

My own experience with the Law of Attraction actually dates back further than The Secret, before the Law of Attraction got its own glitzy Hollywood treatment.

For years I had attended seminar after seminar, bought book after book on the Law of Attraction.

I watched the film. I bought the book... and I found that it didn't get me any closer to what I set out to achieve for myself.

It took a lot of trial and error, and thousands and thousands of dollars just to master what I thought I should already have a full grasp of after having watched The Secret in its entirety.

Why, by the time I finally "cracked the code", I must have met every known author and guru out there who were holding book signings and seminars just to impart the precious knowledge that I was lacking.

Then one day, I realized that no one deserves to be put through the kind of hell I had to go through, just to get ahead in life.

I chanced upon the idea of contacting all the authors I had come to know and become inspired by, and I proposed a grand idea.


Manifesting Mentors is the result of a gathering of the greatest minds in the personal development industry... people I like to call "masters of manifestation".

Simply put, it's an instruction manual that's meant to provide you the answers that you never got with "The Secret".

This program completes the big picture that you got a glimpse of in "The Secret".

You’ll be learning from masters of manifestation like…

Now, that's just three of the featured "masters of manifestation" in this program.

You'll find the works of many other accomplished authors in Manifesting Mentors.

What better way to learn about manifesting success into your life than from the masters themselves?

You'll be learning some much in Manifesting Mentors. Like..

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There's a whole lot more you stand to learn, but if I were to list out everything you'll find in the program, we'll be here all day.

But hold on. There's more.

Let me tell you about the "Wealth Manifestation" audio suite that you’ll be getting too. And you’ll absolutely love this.

This special compilation comprises of 3 brainwave entrainment audios that will put you on the fast track to mastering the secrets of manifesting abundant wealth into your life.

The proprietary brainwave entrainment technology used in this audio suite is simply incredible.

The binaural frequencies within each of these special audios stimulate specific brainwaves that are conducive to accelerated learning, stress reduction, creative problem solving... among other things.


The first of these 3 audios is entitled "Awaken Your Inner Millionaire".

Like so many people out there, you've been brought up with preconceived notions of what's involved in becoming a millionaire, and often, these notions hinder you from attaining the abundant wealth that you seek.

"Awaken Your Inner Millionaire" enables you to live an extraordinary life of power, luxury, and excitement.

Imagine living large in luxurious multimillion dollar mansions, holding parties on your very own yacht, and basically being rich beyond your wildest dreams.

With "Awaken Your Inner Millionaire", you won't have to imagine any of it.

You're just one step away from turning your dreams of becoming a millionaire into reality.


The second audio in this suite is named, "Attract Infinite Wealth Now"

This particular audio will reprogram your subconscious mind and transform the way you think about money.

Why is this important?

Thought is the most powerful element in the universe.

A thought can transform into an idea, and an idea can change the world.

Just look at the very people who have changed history: Alexander Graham Bell, Isaac Newton, Henry Ford...

But you don't have to be a revolutionary figure of history to be able to fully harness the power of thought.

With "Attract Infinite Wealth Now", you can attract an infinite amount of wealth by utilizing the power of thought to bring your deepest desires into reality.

The third and final selection in this audio suite is entitled "Debt-Free Living".

The most common burden that everyone seems to have in the modern era is living in debt.

Most live paycheck to paycheck, having mortgages and loans to pay off and having very little left to save for emergencies, what more for luxuries.

But imagine if you never have to owe anyone anything in life ever again... everything you own isn't in danger of being repossessed or taken away from you just because you miss out on a late payment...

With "Debt-Free Living", you'll train your mind to adopt the same debt-eliminating habits that the rich and powerful have harnessed for years.

All your worldly possessions, every single thing you manifest into your life is yours for the taking, and you'll never have to worry about losing anything ever again.

The entire "Wealth Manifestation" audio suite can be yours, along with your copy of Manifesting Mentors, if you make the right decision today.

I'm sure you're wondering by now..."So how much is this going to cost me?"

You're probably thinking that the suite alone is going to cost you a ridiculous amount of money that you don't have, considering the breakthrough proprietary brainwave entrainment technology that's used to produce the audios.

And frankly, you're right to think that.

You see, normally this entire package retails for $197.

But I'm NOT going to charge you $197 for Manifesting Mentors.

Heck, I'm not even going to make you pay $97 for this entire package.

Because if you act right now and click on the button below...

That's right... that's all it takes to learn the secrets of manifestation from the masters themselves.

For just $37, you're getting access to everything in the Manifesting Mentors course; the comprehensive manual featuring the world's most renowned self-help authors and all-round masters of manifestation, and the groundbreaking "Wealth Manifestation" suite that will supercharge your efforts at attracting abundant wealth into your life.

Imagine being able to attract wealth and success effortlessly into your life... while you're sleeping!

You don't have to imagine it... all this can be yours for the affordable one-time investment of just $37.

Ok so maybe you're still not sure...

I'll give you 3 great reasons why you have to pull the trigger on this incredible deal. You’ll be protected by…

And to top it off. Let me go one step further and offer you my own PERSONAL GUARANTEE.


Because I truly believe that Manifesting Mentors WILL change your life the moment you start using it.

But if you try it think it's not quite as life-changing as you thought it would be, or for any reason for the matter. Then contact me within 60 days of your investment, and I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

You're completely protected by my Iron Clad, 60 Days, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, so there's no reason, no excuse for you take action and grab the Manifesting Mentors package today.

Plus…if you grab the Manifesting Mentors package today…I’ll throw in these 3 special bonuses.

And I'm giving away the complete "Think And Grow Rich" collection - book plus audiobook - exclusively to you, for FREE.

That's right, you're getting the best-selling publication, along with a high quality audiobook version that you can listen to wherever you are, whenever you want.

Learn from Hill's wisdom while on the way to work, at lunch, or even as you fall asleep at night.

Just pop on your favorite headphones and absorb everything through the high quality narration of the entire "Think And Grow Rich" book.

But that wasn't his only contribution to the world.

Up until his death in 1912, Allen produced more than one book per year, and in the nine years that he wrote, he produced 19 works.

His work became the source of inspiration for countless other motivational and self-help authors in the years that followed.

Why should this matter to you?

Well, to reward you for your wise decision for having invested in the Manifesting Mentors program, I'm going to give you something that I call The James Allen Collection.

This collection comprises of 6 of Allen's best works: As A Man Thinketh, The Mastery of Destiny, Above Life's Turmoil, Byways To Blessedness, The Way of Peace, and The Path Of Prosperity.

The teachings within these 6 publications have been the basis of many modern day self-help resource, and I'm confident that everything you'll find in this collection will serve you well in your journey to becoming a master of manifestation.

The book chronicles the secrets to overcoming mental barriers, and explains how creation - not competition - is the hidden key to wealth attraction.

Wattles' teachings were considered a form of "mental healing", and they weren't just limited to manifesting wealth and becoming rich.

Wattles also wrote several other publications, two of the more notable ones being The Science Of Being Well and The Science Of Being Great.

The Science Of Being Well reveals the secrets to great health through a shift of one's mindset, along with timeless philosophies and practices used by ancient civilizations whose lifespans stretch beyond what we normally understand as our "golden years".

The Science Of Being Great deals with our constant search for validation, our desire to rise above the common man, achieve the very best in life for ourselves, and becoming... well... great.

Wattles passes down age-old wisdom about what it takes to be great, and what it means to become great.

This book serves as the very pinnacle of self-development and self-actualization, and is a must-have if you're to complete your journey of self discovery.

These two books, along with The Science Of Being Rich, are collectively known as "The Three Sciences".

And you can have them all for FREE, when you click on the add to cart button below.

Heck, I'll even throw in an audiobook edition of The Science Of Getting Rich worth $47, at absolutely no cost to you.

Everything you've seen here - the comprehensive Manifesting Mentors guide, the "Wealth Manifestation" audio suite, the complete "Think And Grow Rich" collection, the James Allen collection, and The Three Sciences - can be yours... but only if you act today. This very minute.

You too can enjoy the life-changing benefits of the Manifesting Mentors program like so many others have.

So you've heard from the people who've tried the Manifesting Mentors program.

You're at a crossroads, my friend.

One path leads you away from your intended destination.

You can close this page and pretend as though you've never seen it.

But doing so would also mean you're walking away from your one chance at success.

Your one chance of living the life that you've always dreamed of.

You'll continue living life the way you always have, unfulfilled, always wondering if there's something better out there, if you're meant for greater things.

The other path is one less traveled, because it takes a certain amount of courage.

It's the path taken by a rare few who happen to be movers and shakers of the world.

If you choose this path, you'll be in the company of some of the world's greatest names.

You'll thrive in the same world as the likes of Eva Gregory, Carol Look, Jack Canfield... masters of manifestation... masters of destiny.

Health, wealth, love, success... all of it can be yours.

Remember, fortune favors the bold.

Go on.

Click on the add to cart button below, and become the master of your own destiny.


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