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We're paying 60% commissions on our BRAND NEW "Manifesting Mentors" program and you stand to earn up to $83.95 in commissions per sale. You will get your 60% commissions through the entire lineup below.

Frontend (Manifesting Mentors) - $37

OTO 1 (Mind Pinnacle)- $97

OTO 2 (Absolute Success Coaching) - $19.95 every month

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Blog Reviews

Own a blog? Use these Blog Reviews to promote Manifesting Mentors

Blog Review 1

When I first got wind of Manifesting Mentors, I have to admit, my first thought was, "Ugh, not another generic self help product again."

Don't get me wrong.

I've written a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of reviews for self help products, and while I've given plenty the benefit of doubt, I've almost always been disappointed by how unsubstantial they turned out to be.

So you'll have to understand my initial skepticism when the email about Manifesting Mentors landed in my inbox one summer morning.

You see, the author of Manifesting Mentors (one Chris D'Cruz) claims that this program was created to provide "the average Joe" the necessary tools to take it one step further than just adopting a positive attitude that so many other self help books and programs insist you have to do in order to "manifest success" into your life.

He even claims that there's a problem with the highly popular program "The Secret".

That's a pretty bold claim to make, considering "The Secret" still remains a self help bestseller even after all this time.

But I thought, "Heck, let's give it a shot."

I was fully expecting to return the product for a full refund after I was done reviewing it (Chris offers Manifesting Mentors with a 60 day, 100 percent money back guarantee).

Now, I'm rarely wrong about my initial impressions, but this is the one time that I'm actually glad that I'm wrong.

Manifesting Mentors turned out to be full of practical tips and invaluable nuggets of wisdom from no less than 10 of the world's best self help coaches.

Among them, one Jack Canfield.

Now for those of you who have been acquainted with the self help industry for some time, you'll know that Jack Canfield is perhaps one of the biggest names in the industry.

Known for his international bestseller Chicken Soup series (over 100 million copies sold!), Mr. Canfield shares his insights on how we can attract success simply by creating our own "Dream Team" (just like how our 1992 squad clinched gold in the Barcelona Olympics).

In many aspects of life, we don’t just rely on ourselves to do the work.

It is nearly always team work which will bring the successes you can ever dream of.

But that's not all that America's success coach has to offer in Manifesting Mentors; he has tons of other great advice that I won't give away too much about in this review.

Apart from Jack Canfield, Manifesting Mentors' "Dream Team" also features other notable authorities, among them Eva Gregory.

Eva Gregory is a master coach and speaker. Also known as America’s Divine Guidance Coach, she teaches people and entrepreneurs how to tap into their divine energy to build concrete success.

One of the greatest problems man face is procrastination. Many people are guilty of that day in and out, and it is one of the worst things a man can be saddled with, honestly speaking.

In procrastination, you find yourself putting off tasks and projects and it accumulates up to a point where your whole career is disrupted because of it.

In short, you find that your potential is completely unfulfilled at all, and you CANNOT achieve anything to your satisfaction.

What is the best advice for that?

Well, Eva Gregory proposes the use of this technique which is so hassle-free and effective that your productivity will simply soar and bring you unlimited opportunities!

But that’s not all.

A lot more other successful personalities are featured in Manifesting Mentors, such as EFT Master Carol Look.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and it is considered an alternative therapy which is created from the basis of acupressure.

It is also psychological in nature in which tricky issues can be worked on through the stimulation of meridian points.

Balance is restored and the body is able to heal itself. The best thing is that EFT is safe and easy to apply, requiring no invasive technology.

EFT has a lot to do with achieving goals in the way that it accesses the vibration within you to attract abundance.

And all these techniques I’ve spoke of so far? This is like, what, ONLY like 10% of the valuable aspects of Manifesting Mentors.

There are of course other superb masters featured, and herein lies the strength of Manifesting Mentors.

For instance, there is Leslie Fieger, bestselling author of Your Prosperity Paradigm and The Master Key.

Also included are Dõv Baron, an Elite Mind Strategist who specializes in high performance leadership and corporate success, Kathy Atkinson and Tom Murasso and many others.

Now, while the list of self help greats should be enough to get you reserving your copy of Manifesting Mentors, Chris D'Cruz has gone one step further by providing you even greater value in the form of an audio suite called "Wealth Manifestation."

Consisting of three brainwave entrainment audios - Awaken Your Inner Millionaire, Attract Infinite Wealth, and Debt-Free Living - Chris D'Cruz claims that this audio suite will transform your mind and make it more conducive to attracting wealth.

I haven't personally experienced any change myself, but to be fair, it's only been a week.

Now, at the time of this writing, Chris has also included several "limited time bonuses", namely the complete Think And Grow Rich collection, the James Allen Collection, and Wallace D. Wattles' The Sciences collection.

These classic works definitely add value to Chris' offering, as they're from some of the best known names in the New Thought movement, the very movement that sparked off the self help phenomenon and gave rise to "The Secret."

I don't know if Chris will exclude the bonuses in future offers, but it's too good an offer to pass up.

All in all, if you're looking for something that works, has great value, and advice from some of the biggest names in the industry, I would definitely recommend Manifesting Mentors.

Blog Review 2

Several years back, I was introduced to The Secret by a friend and close business partner.

This was when the movie had already been out for some time, and the book had just become a bestselling phenomenon.

I remembered getting a copy of the book eagerly, intent on making a change in my life that - at the time - wasn't going so great.

Despite being in business with one of my good friends, it was slow going because both of us were still green experience-wise.

I still had a job (a crummy one) living from paycheck to paycheck and hardly getting by after barely clearing a ridiculous amount of mortgage and bank loans every month.

So you'll have to understand why I was kind of desperate to make a change in my life.

I thought The Secret would help me make that change.

I thought this Law of Attraction thing certainly sounds better than sitting around and moaning about how tough life's turning out to be.

I mean, how hard could it be? Like attracts like, you get what you think about... simple, right?

Turns out, it wasn't that simple.

The Secret didn't work out the way I envisioned it would work. In fact, I dare say it didn't work at all.

So when I heard about Manifesting Mentors, I was hesitant about giving it a try. I only did because I was intrigued by one of the “Debt Free Living”, which is one of the components of the Wealth Manifestation bonus suite.

A lot of us - Americans or otherwise - are burdened with debt, and the economy isn't helping one bit.

But thanks to the state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment technology found in the Wealth Manifestation audio suite, I've found myself gaining the ability to change my views and habits where wealth and debt is concerned.

More importantly, I found a great wealth of information and inspiration in Manifesting Mentors itself.

In the program, I learned a lot from Eva Gregory, 2006's International Coach Of The Year and one of the more notable names in the world of self help.

She reveals how adopting a positive attitude in the hope of manifesting the Law of Attraction, and ultimately success, is not sufficient.

Your own inner belief, and your exterior “belief” – in the form of body language – are both equally vital.

Manifesting Mentors is a compilation of some of the best advice money can buy from ten of the most prolific names in the self help business.

Apart from Eva Gregory, another name you should look out for in this program is Ilya Alexi, author of Mind Over Money: How To Program Your Mind For Wealth.

According to Ilya, in order to program your mind for wealth manifestation, the first step is always to start small.

First, pick a goal is which just beyond your comfort level. This is the critical part of setting goals.

Many experts and researchers would have you believe that thinking big is the best way and option to go about it. After all, if you don’t dream big, you’d never make it big.


If you’re someone new to the vast potential of mind power, you’d be courting with disaster if you aim for the unrealistic.

So, instead think small.

Set a goal which is just within your reach, a little beyond. For instance, instead of desiring a $500,000 of earning power within the year, craft a goal to increase it by 10 percent. This is just the first step though.

Chris D'Cruz - the author of Manifesting Mentors - has done a great job of collating a variety of self-development tips and tricks from these ten outstanding coaches.

You might be well familiar with names such as David Cameron Gikandi, Leslie Fieger, and Jack Canfield... among others.

All of these big names have lent their insight to Manifesting Mentors, making this a definite must-have if you've tried and failed with The Secret.

Apart from the Manifesting Mentors program and the Wealth Manifestation audio suite, you'll also get 3 special bonuses, comprising of Napoleon Hill's “Think and Grow Rich” manuals, James Allen’s wealth philosophies and Wallace D. Wattles’ “The Three Sciences” collection.

All three men were all-time greats in their time, and now their knowledge have been composed into collections, and thrown in for FREE when you get Manifesting Mentors.

The entire program is made affordable (no more having to spend thousands of dollars just to attend a weekend seminar), so you'd be crazy not to take advantage of this.

It's helped me get out of a rut, and I'm sure it'll do wonders for you.


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